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Anesthesiologist Error Attorney in San Francisco

Information about Anesthesiologist Errors

In many surgical procedures, an anesthesiologist stays only long enough to administer the anesthesia to the patient.  Once they have done this, an anesthetist nurse takes over for the remainder of the procedure.  It can often happen that complications arise due to error in initially anesthetizing the patient or providing further anesthesia during the procedure, and in cases such as these, the anesthesiologist or anesthetist nurse responsible may be held liable for the damages they cause to the victim.  Some of the more common examples of anesthesiologist error include:

  • Over-anesthetizing of the patient - This can lead to hypotension, stroke, heart attack, and spinal injury in the patient
  • Failure to properly intubate - The anesthesia delivery tube can be incorrectly placed in the patient's stomach, instead of the lungs, causing great injury or illness to the patient
  • Errors in utilizing spinal anesthetics - This can result in severe spinal cord injury to the patient

If you have been rendered ill or injured by an anesthesiologist error, contact a San Francisco medical malpractice attorney who can provide you with aggressive and focused help in seeking compensation from the parties responsible for your pain and suffering.

Have you been harmed by an anesthesiologist error?

We at Pacific Attorney Group have been fighting for the rights of malpractice victims for many years, and we are intimately familiar with all manner of malpractice cases.  Our goal is to provide representation for our clients that is adequate to secure case resolutions that serve their best interests.  Contact us today about your anesthesiologist error case, and we will fight tirelessly to better your chances of an outcome that is wholly beneficial to you.

If you have been harmed by an anesthesiologist error, contact a San Francisco Anesthesiologist Error Attorney for qualified legal assistance in your case.