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Iatrogenic Infection Attorney in San Francisco

Iatrogenic Infections in Health Care Facilities

Iatrogenic infections are those infections that are caused by accidental or negligent medical actions.  The actions that lead to such infection are myriad, and include many insufficient hygiene practices, such as hospital staff failing to properly wash their hands, failure to use anti-bacterial soap, and failure to take the proper precaution and care when invasive procedures are administered utilizing surgical instruments.  There are many infections one can contract while in a hospital or care facility, including staph infection and c-diff, and these have the capacity to cause serious injury or illness beyond the medical condition the person is already dealing with.

If you or a loved one has suffered an iatrogenic infection due to negligence or malpractice, contact a San Francisco medical malpractice attorney who can assist you in pursuing fair injury compensation from the parties at fault.

Legal Help for Iatrogenic Infection Victims

Hospitals and other medical care facilities have a responsibility to reduce the risk of infection for the patients they are treating, and they should be held fully responsible for the injury or illness they cause as a result of their negligence.  Pacific Attorney Group has been standing up for the rights of malpractice victims for many years, by fighting for fair compensation in their cases that allows them to recover from their injuries to the fullest possible extent.  If you have been victimized by a medical care facility and have contracted an iatrogenic infection, contact our offices right away.  We will aggressively pursue those responsible with the goal of securing a resolution that sees you fully recompensed for your pain and suffering.

Contact a San Francisco Iatrogenic Infection Lawyer if you or a loved one are in need of legal help after contracting an infection while in a hospital or other health care facility.