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Imagine an entire course of treatment that is based upon the wrong diagnosis. Unfortunately, this is something that many patients experience every year throughout the United States. A misdiagnosis may lead to the wrong medication being administered, a patient being subjected to an unnecessary surgery, the discharge of a patient suffering from a life-threatening illness or injury, or any of a number of other situations that may cause a patient serious harm. This is a type of medical malpractice and may be grounds for a civil lawsuit against the responsible doctor.

At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent patients injured by a misdiagnosis of any doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you would like to talk about your specific case with an attorney who has the experience and resources to help, call our toll-free number for your free case evaluation: 800-670-8142.

About Misdiagnosis Claims in San Francisco

In filing a San Francisco medical malpractice claim based upon a doctor's misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a medical condition, it will be important to fully investigate the matter to determine exactly what caused the misdiagnosis. This may require work with medical professionals in that particular area of medicine to evaluate the matter and establish what act of negligence was responsible, as well as how the misdiagnosis caused the patient's injuries. With our experience in this field and the resources to handle your case, we are confident that the legal team at Pacific Attorney Group can help you with your San Francisco misdiagnosis claim. Following are examples of several situations that may cause a misdiagnosis to occur:

  • A laboratory mistake or the misreading of an x-ray or any scan or test that was performed on a patient.
  • A doctor's failure to fully review a patient's medical history, therefore missing an important issue that would indicate a particular illness.
  • A doctor failing to order additional tests to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • A nurse forgetting to note down all of a patient's symptoms or not taking a patient seriously in regard to his or her complaints.

Contact a San Francisco misdiagnosis lawyer at our law firm for help with your case.